attention OHV users

Commencing the May long weekend, and throughout summer, Fish & Wildlife Enforcement Officers will bring educational awareness and patrol the Athabasca PLUZ(Public Land Use Zone). Motorized access is restricted to several roads, with no motorized access permitted off these roads. Recreational users encountered off-trail with motorized vehicles will be educated regarding the restriction, if encountered again using motorized vehicles off trail in this PLUZ that they may be charged.
Planned enforcement approach for motorized access within the Athabasca PLUZ (Public Land Use Zone), located north of Hinton, just across the river. The PLUZ was established for the protection of critical elk habitat. Given the heightened awareness regarding motorized access control as a result of issues to the south, some public may feel that education and enforcement in the Athabasca Ranch PLUZ is new, but it is essential the public understand that the restriction on motorized access in the Athabasca Ranch PLUZ has always been in effect to protect a critical wildlife feature.
To communicate this heightened level of enforcement, we will provide messaging in the media, will erect additional signage, and will provide education through patrols within the PLUZ.

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Posted on May 10, 2016

Climate Change Editorial

Wind turbines overlooking the Rocky Mountains at sunset

Wind Turbines at Sunset

Dear Editor,

In the past week, our government announced Alberta's Climate Leadership Plan. Based on the advice of the energy industry, scientists and Albertans from every walk of life, the plan will strengthen our economy, protect our health and make Alberta a leader on responsible energy. The plan will move Alberta away from coal emissions and towards cleaner power, reduce pollution by pricing it, limit oil sands emissions, make Alberta a leader in energy efficiency, and cut high-polluting methane emissions.

As the Premier promised, the carbon price will be revenue neutral. Every single dollar collected will be invested right here in Alberta. We will invest to create jobs building new green infrastructure, build renewable energy projects, or to make homes and businesses more energy efficient to help Albertans cut their energy bills. We will also create an adjustment fund that will help families make ends meet, and support small businesses, indigenous communities, and people working in affected communities as we move away from coal.

We recognize families in our community make their living in coal mines or coal-fired electricity plants. We also understand there has been increasing pressure on our livelihoods, as the health effects of coal emissions become more widely known and as coal-fired operations close in Alberta and beyond our borders. The federal government has already set an end date for all coal plants in our province. In fact 12 of the 18 remaining Alberta coal plants are scheduled to close under the federal regulation prior to the 2030 target in the provincial government’s plan. In our constituency, we have Maxim Power; it is scheduled for federally mandated closure in 2019.

The Climate Leadership Plan will result in plants having to either find a technological solution in the next 15 years to eliminate their emissions or face closure in 2030. It may be that some of the plan’s elements will see some closures in advance of the existing federal end date. However, as your MLA, I know that our provincial government is committed to work with employees, communities and businesses who rely on coal to make the transition work in a way that supports families.

As Premier Notley has said, we will be providing appropriate adjustment programs to help us all move forward as we set on a new path. The Premier has asked me to help her figure out what will work best for our communities as we move forward with this transition. I want to hear from you on how to make this work best for your family and community and I look forward to you sharing your ideas with me and our provincial government.


Eric Rosendahl

MLA for West-Yellowhead